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at Liberty Drive

October 17th from 10-3pm in the Harbor Club at Twenty Two Liberty 

    This session will focus on Metta meditation, or the art of offering loving kindness toward ourselves and then to others. We will practice this powerful form of mindfulness as we continuing our work from last retreat, practicing general mindfulness of the senses. You will learn techniques that you can use in your life to cultivate more friendly attitudes towards your self and others.


November 14th from 10-3pm in the Resident’s Lounge at 50 Liberty 

    As we wrap up the Liberty retreat series with our 3rd session, we will talk about the wellbeing as a skill and how the different forms of meditation we’ve learned can help us sharpen that skill.  We will continue to practice mindfulness using our senses, hone the skills from session two on loving kindness and will add the use of a Mantra to our toolbox. This session will incorporate mindful movement and a mindful eating exercise that will heighten your senses.