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Energize the health and well-being of your entire team by giving your employees the tools to make healthy choices that will impact their lives and transform your company culture.  

Business Team

Maximize your production and maximize your investment. Your company provides tremendous services and activities within your Wellness program. Vos will make sure your employees are making the most of what the company is offering. By combining health coaching and all the wellness services provided by your company, the employees will achieve complete well-being. Vos’s highly skilled and well-trained team will be available to work 1-on-1 with each employee, helping to craft an individualized plan that makes the best use of the services you are providing. Your team will be healthier, more productive and engaged. Your company will get the most return on what you’re investing in your Wellness program.

Workshops & Series

There are many dimensions of well-being that help make a person whole. We offer a wide variety of topics catering to these dimensions, each one can be completely customized based on your unique needs.


Topics include: Reset & Recharge, Immunity Series, Nutrition for the Busy Professional, Mindfulness, Deskercise, Well-Being Challenges.

Health Coaching

Whether you want to lose weight, decrease your stress, or just want to feel better, working with a health coach will help you achieve the highest potential for living your healthiest life. Our coaches will empower you to make sustainable healthy changes by identifying goals and crafting a personalized plan to create a lifestyle that supports your vision. Regardless of your goals, the end result is a happier and healthier YOU.

Fitness Classes

Our classes are designed to be all-levels so everyone will get a great workout no matter what their fitness experience is. We can customize any fitness class to meet your expectations and interests and create the unique experience that you and your employees are looking for.

Personal Training

Personalized for your body. Meet with one of our coaches, either in-person or virtually, for a moving fitness assessment; tell us how you want to feel, look and move and we work with your body to get you there. Session plans are based on your body, your schedule and YOU. 

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