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How To Increase Your Wellbeing Through Boundaries

Setting boundaries is critical for your well-being, otherwise, you can burn out. But why is it so hard?! Think about a time when someone was standing too close to you for comfort (especially during Covid ahh!). You wanted to move away, right? You may have felt like your personal space was being invaded – so in turn you perhaps created more space between you and that person. You set a boundary. When we set a boundary for ourselves, we are practicing self-care. Some boundaries are easier to set than others, but when we do that, we create a barrier that defines us as separate from others.

Why set boundaries?

Setting boundaries is essential for your overall well-being. It enables you to have a sense of control over your emotional and physical space and time. It also helps you develop a sense of independence over your time and surroundings while staying true to yourself and your needs.

Boundaries also help you create clear guidelines as to how you would like to be treated and honors your needs and wants so that you feel respected and safe.

How to set boundaries

  • Acknowledge the fact you deserve to be treated with respect! Have the self-awareness that you need to set clear boundaries for yourself

  • Reflect and start to define what boundaries you already have in place, and where you need boundaries set.

  • Regarding the boundaries that need to be set, recognize your needs within those boundaries. Boundaries may be different in the various aspects of your life.

  • Ensure you communicate your boundaries and thoughts respectfully and clearly, and in return respect others’ boundaries that are communicated to you!

  • Own your “No”. Setting boundaries may mean you have to say no from time to time. This can be hard, especially for those that like to help people (ahem me!). Saying no is simply taking care of yourself and not doing harm to others. Respectfully decline and move on!

Examples of healthy boundaries: (reference Positive Psychology)

  • Declining anything you don’t want to do

  • Expressing your feelings responsibly

  • Talking about your experiences honestly

  • Replying in the moment

  • Addressing problems directly with the person involved, rather than with a third party

  • Making your expectations clear rather than assuming people will figure them out.

Benefits of setting boundaries

  • Helps you build greater self-esteem and self-respect

  • Enables you to get a clear understanding of who you are, what you want, your values, and purpose

  • Helps you bring focus onto yourself and your overall well-being

  • Enhances your mental and emotional well-being

  • Helps you avoid burnout

  • Enables you to develop independence

  • Improves relationships with yourself and others

  • Decreases stress

  • Increases respect for others

  • Promotes autonomy

So go ahead – set those boundaries, own them, and enhance that self-love!

Author: Melissa Dupuis

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