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What I'm into ... Laura!

Updated: Jan 19

I'm totally into Dry Brushing these days– “They” say the benefits of dry brushing are: increased circulation, exfoliation, lymphatic drainage and more – all of which are awesome but it just makes me feel good! Here's a link with how to's and more about the benefits. I love the Primally Pure brand dry brush, I have the body and the face one and they feel awesome. I feel revived and refreshed after brushing and try to do it before each shower. It takes just a couple of minutes and it makes me feel like I've really done something for myself.


Hydrating face and eye masks for my old skin – want to know my favs? Just ask!


I used to have a daily meditation practice, then it became a weekly practice, and by the end of 2023 it dissolved to a deep breath here and there and not much else. Needless to say, I’ve allowed my meditation practice to fall off course and my goal for this year is bring it back!  Why? Because I’m a calmer person when I meditate, I have fewer to do lists and yet seem to get more done. Most importantly, I allow myself the opportunity to actually pause and sit (the rest of my day is go, go, go), my nervous system needs the attention and my family deserves my full presence in our everyday life.


So far, I’ve meditated four times in the first few weeks of the new year so far and while it’s not great - that’s a big step! So, do me a favor, when you see me please ask if I’ve been meditating – I need the extra nudge! My goal to start is once per week (small steps, big changes, right?) and I’m on track. Next week, I’m planning two sessions – check on me – please!


If you know me well, you know I don’t love traditional cardio workouts. I LOVE to run intervals outside during warm weather and I really enjoy a long walk BUT… in the winter my cardiovascular training drops significantly. So this year, I’ll be actually using our ARC trainer at home and I will get more outdoor time– even if it means bundling up. This week, I took a short, cold walk outside, got in an interval run on the treadmill. I'm also thinking the 12-3-30 workout may be fun to add in this winter (Though, my brain wants it to be 3-13-30 because I like the number symmetry).


Last but certainly not least, non-traditional strength movements have been bringing lots more fun back into my workouts. Why have they really caught my attention? A few reasons, it's yoga-meets-strength training-meets-Pilates-meets-kettlebells and totally I’m into it! It’s like all of my years of training are finally coming together to make some sense out of how the body can and probably should move! Our knees bend deeply, so why not bend them? When we go hiking or even walk downstairs, our knees probably end up reaching out over out toes, yet most of us have been told our whole lives to keep our knees above our ankles when we squat and lunge. Our back was designed to move incrementally – but does it?! We have 364 joints in our back, we've been told we need only to stabilize the spine, but we also need to move it! You’ll see me doing some non-traditional hip, leg, knee and core exercises that are designed to challenge me in all different ranges of motion so that my joints are stable, flexible, strong and mobile! Want to try something new? Ask me next time you see me!

I'm also into homemade ginger tea, dark chocolate, Masterclass and reading on my kindle ... but more on those things later.

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