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Pilates Instructor

"I work to help my clients improve their alignment, body awareness, stamina, flexibility and strength."

I am a Pilates instructor and professional ballerina. I was first introduced to Pilates during summer ballet intensives when I was eight years old and have since used it to bolster my dance career. Pilates helped me discover how to move my body with control and strength.  As an instructor I have studied under highly regarded master teachers who have provided me with extensive knowledge of kinesiology, anatomy and how to guide clients from one level to the next.


I have taught at a number of prominent Pilates and ballet institutions in the St. Louis, Philadelphia and Boston region, including The Rock School for Dance Education, COCA - a nationally recognized arts organization - and St. Louis Ballet, where I worked with many dancers, athletes, and clients who have health concerns and disabilities. I cater each session to address specific objectives or goals and I am continuously attending workshops and classes to expand my knowledge.


I work to help my clients improve their alignment, body awareness, stamina, flexibility, and strength. My passion for movement is the foundation of my teaching style and I love to share that passion with my clients.

  • Advanced Teacher Training Certification – The Pilates Center Boulder, CO

  • Certified Pilates Instructor – Power Pilates

  • BFA in Ballet Performance – University of Oklahoma

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