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Pilates, Meditation and Fitness Coach

"Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

- Joseph Pilates

Train to be fitter and stronger safely.  Over the course of the last 20+ years I’ve studied and trained in multiple disciplines of fitness like Pilates, Barre, traditional strength training, kettlebells and more. I use my years of experience training and teaching hundreds of bodies and blend these methods to challenge your body in a way that creates long lasting results.  Find better body awareness and flexibility while training to be fitter, stronger and learning what it truly feels like to move well.


Moving from the right place makes all the difference in the world.  It’s the subtle shift in a shoulder or a muscle that changes how you feel an exercise and more importantly how your body responds to it. It’s the little things that make people say, “I didn’t even know I had a muscle there!” When you truly feel and experience the ‘work’ from the right places, it’s game changing! 


It’s no secret that Pilates is my go-to mode of exercise and that I think everyone should do it.  That sounds pushy, but I do! Here’s why:  If you have a body, it should move.  All movement is not created equal.  The Pilates methods will help you learn how it feels to be aligned and in control, to find strength in subtle places - and some not so subtle places.  The best part is this strength translates into everything else you do!  In most of the fitness programs I create, we’ll add some Pilates-style exercises to build your base of strength.  But to be truly strong, you also have to be able to lift heavy things - like your body, a child, a kettlebell or your groceries.  For these reasons, I think it’s important to add traditional strength training exercises like deadlifts, squats and bench presses into a routine at just the right time to really challenge your body. The combination of traditional training and Pilates movement will challenge your body to new levels.

  • ​Balanced Body Pilates: Comprehensively Trained in all apparatus

  • Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT)

  • NCSF Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

  • Booty Barre Certified Instructor 

  • Spinning Certified Instructor 

  • TRX Group Training Certified 

  • Les Mills BodyPump

  • Kettlebell Training 

  • Barefoot Training Certified Evidence Based Fitness Academy 

  • Balanced Body Pilates on Tour - 2016 

  • Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certified Instructor

  • The Boston Buddha™ Meditation for Everyone™ Teacher Training 2017 

  • Stonehill College BA Psychology 

  • San Diego State University: Studied Master of Arts & Sciences Kinesiology, Concentration in Sport and Exercise Psychology

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