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(Virtual and In-Person Available)
We bring the class to you! We offer a wide variety of fitness classes virtually and in-person for all company sizes and needs. Our classes are designed to be all-levels so everyone will get a great workout no matter what their fitness experience is. With a focus on safety and fun, our expert instructors meet your employees at their fitness level and challenge them while having fun doing it!

There are many dimensions of well-being that help make a person whole. We offer a wide variety of topics catering to these dimensions, each one having the ability to be completely customized based on your unique needs.

Immunity Series  

You have more power than you think and we want to shift the conversation. 


Cold and flu season is around the corner, and well, we're in the midst of a pandemic. Now is the time to ensure our immune system is functioning at its best.  We wear masks, wash our hands and socially distance ourselves but did you know that other day-to-day activities can have an impact on how strong our immune system is?  It's true. We talk a lot about prevention but there's very little talk about how nutrition, exercise and stress control how powerful our immune defenses are. This 4-session series is all about amping up our immune system to give us a fighting chance against everything that comes our way.


Reset and Recharge 


Thrive, not just in the present moment, but in the future, too. Gain valuable knowledge of how to practice self-care during a time of uncertainty and learn how to access those tools no matter what the future circumstances are.

Identify the things that truly nourish your body and mind and make impactful changes to minimize the things that don’t.


Learn to eat to make you feel great and identify the triggers that make you slide off track. 


Get the support of a Community inspired and focused on creating healthy, and meaningful connections around nutrition, fitness and wellbeing. 

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Your company is better when your team is at their BEST. 

Energize the health and wellbeing of your entire team by giving your employees the tools to make healthy choices that will impact their lives and transform your company culture.  Our team will work with you to create a customized program designed to educate your team and change habits around nutrition, fitness and lifestyle.  

"What I found most valuable from the program was talking-out our challenges both on the group calls and individually with [my coach]. This helped me to think out of the box and approach problems from a different angle.I also appreciated the handouts – in particular the Wellness Wheel and the Worksheets that we filled out. Though I was very skeptical about getting “homework”, I was surprised to find it really helped me to sit down and write things out.”


- Patty, Reset & Recharge participant