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Energize the health of your entire team.

Give your employees the tools to make

choices that will impact their lives and transform your company culture.  

Business Team

The ideal wellness program is equally impactful for both the individual employees and your company.  You want to know that you are getting the most return on your wellness investment with better production through healthier, happier and more engaged employees.  Your employees want to know that you value their health and well-being as much as you value their contributions to your company’s success.  Providing tremendous services and activities within your wellness program is the first step, getting them to use it is the next and helping them effectively integrate it into their lives is the final piece. Vos’s signature Well-Being Counseling program will achieve just that.

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Yoga Pose
Workshops & Series

There are many dimensions of well-being that help make a person whole. We offer a wide variety of topics catering to these dimensions, each one can be completely customized based on your unique needs.


Topics include: Reset & Recharge, Immunity Series, Nutrition for the Busy Professional, Mindfulness, Deskercise, Well-Being Challenges.

Health Coaching

Provide the chance to work 1-on-1 with a Vos Health Coach.  Your employees will craft an individualized plan that matches their personal goals and fits in with their lives.  Health coaching helps your team achieve total well-being so they can bring their best to life both at home and at the office.

Fitness Classes

Our classes are designed to be all-levels so everyone will get a great workout no matter what their fitness experience is. We can customize any fitness class to meet your expectations and interests and create the unique experience that you and your employees are looking for.

Personal Training

Provide your employees coaching and accountability with one-on-one or small group personal training. Purchase a block of personal training sessions for your team to use to get started, learn proper form and programming, keep a routine and establish a habit of fitness.

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