Fitness, nutrition and lifestyle programs designed to get results because it's designed specifically for you.  In-person and virtual options to best fit your life and schedule.


Meet with one of our coaches, either in-person or virtually, for a moving fitness assessment.  Tell us how you want to feel, look and move and we work with your goals to get you there. Personalized plans are based on your body, your schedule and YOU. 


Start with your core to build a stronger, happier body. Your Pilates workouts will address overall strength simultaneously with movement and flexibility. You will learn to move your body from a stronger place and feel the benefits long after you leave each session.  

Practicing Yoga

We all move and breathe - all day, constantly - without ever giving it a thought.  But what happens if we put some concentrated thought into the way we move and how our breath affects that movement.  That's Yoga.  And remember, you practice Yoga, you never perfect it.  This means it can be your first class or you can be a seasoned Yogi and this workout will still work for you.

Meditating on Bed

There are so many benefits to meditation, but how do you start? Learn the basics of what it takes to meditate and practice some simple techniques to bring your meditation home with you for a happier and more stress free life. Through a consistent mindfulness practice we can teach ourselves to become more patient, effective, thoughtful leaders and co-workers.


One-on-one and small group programs available.  A personalized nutrition plan can help you clean up your diet and reach your goals.  Our Nutrition Specialists will customize a nutrition and lifestyle program to fit your unique needs. We are passionate about helping you live well and put "dieting" behind you.  

Online Meeting

Whether you want to lose weight, decrease your stress, or just want to feel better, working with a health coach will help you achieve the highest potential for living your healthiest life. Our coaches will empower you to make sustainable healthy changes by identifying goals and crafting a personalized plan to create a lifestyle that supports your vision. Regardless of your goals, the end result is a happier and healthier YOU.


We bring the class to you! Vos offers a wide variety of fitness classes virtually and in-person both indoors and outside in the sun! Our classes are designed to be all-levels so you will get a great workout no matter what your fitness experience is. Contact us today to see what's on the schedule. Don't see something you looking for? Just let us know.


There are many dimensions of well-being that help make a person whole. We offer a wide variety of topics catering to these dimensions, each one can be completely customized based on your unique needs.

Topics include: Reset & Recharge, Immunity Series, Nutrition for the Busy Professional, Mindfulness, Deskercise, Well-Being Challenges.