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From pre-construction facility design to providing the very best services to your residents and tenants throughout the full life of the building, Vos will be with you every step of the way to transform your properties from merely being a place to live and work into full luxury experience.

Modern City
What we do

We will manage every aspect of your fitness facility: 

  • Provide a team of fully vetted health professionals providing coaching to your residents and tenants

    • Insured

    • Experienced

    • Accredited Professional Certifications & Licenses

  • Order, consult on selection and oversee set-up of new equipment

  • Coordinate regular maintenance and cleaning of the equipment and facility 

  • Monitor daily condition and cleanliness of the facility and equipment

  • Create and run fitness and well-being events

Why Vos

For you – Remove the guesswork and worry from managing a fitness facility.


For your residents/tenants – Access to a team of premier fitness and health professionals who make a connection with your clients. Our true value is that we become a part of your property’s community; we build and maintain relationships with tenants and residents to make the community the absolute best it can be.


Every service we provide, event we are a part of, and interaction we have creates and enhances your client’s experience.


"It’s a great feeling to have a dedicated partner such as Vos working closely with us to promote wellness in our communities. The Vos team exemplifies our service first philosophy with residents and genuinely cares for them. Our Vos team is proactive and takes care of everything - our residents, wellness programs, weekly newsletter, events, etc."

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