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Pilates Instructor


I hail from Atlanta, where from a very young age I knew I was meant to be a mover. I discovered a love of dance and did intensive training from age 3 well into my adulthood. Throughout my career, I experienced chronic back pain but simply assumed that was normal for a 16 year old dancer. It wasn’t until I received private Pilates that I learned chronic pain isn’t something a person has to live with. I completed the Erika Bloom Pilates certification in New York - one of the most comprehensive trainings in the country. I am fully certified in mat, and apparatus training, as well as pre/post-natal Pilates, injury recovery, and special population.

I have a special interest in the fitness element of Pilates, and combining therapeutics with each session. I believe that through mindful movement, a person is able to heal from injury, chronic pain, or anything life throws at you. At the same time, finding the positive change in your body, allowing you to live your healthiest, happiest self.

  • Erika Bloom comprehensive Pilates certification 

  • Pre/Post-Natal corrective exercise certification

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