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Personalized private training and coaching as a part of your Alexion AstraZeneca benefits.



This incredible benefit provided by Alexion, for all employees.

Check out in-person classes at the Boston Office Tuesday and Thursday. Schedule and sign up information are below.  

​A personalized fitness & well-being experience designed specifically for you.​

  • Customized wellness plan

  • One-on-one private coaching

  • Workouts that fit into your life

  • Virtual Personal Training, Yoga, Pilates, Health Coaching, Meditation, and Nutrition Counseling


Tailored for your life, your goals and your well-being. 


You get to work with a coach to figure out what well-being means for your life. Along the way, you’ll learn what makes you feel good, more energized and in control of your day.


Plus, Alexion is covering the cost. All you have to do is sign up.

Why would you work with a Personal Coach?

You feel like you know what to do, you just have no idea when to do it or how to make it happen.

You don’t have the time to exercise, to think of your workout or even fit it into your day.

There’s so much information out there, how do you know what’s right for your body?

The internet is a wealth of fitness knowledge, our team will help you cut through it all and guide you to make choices to feel strong, energized and less stressed. We can help you plan time in your day, take you through a workout and walk you through all of the crazy nutrition fads. Hint, eating food isn’t a fad, so we won’t be teaching you any crazy diets. We help you figure out what feels good for your body because really, that’s all that matters.

Help us get to know you.

Your first step will be a short phone consultation with a Vos Coach. We'll ask a few questions and you'll tell us about your fitness and wellness obstacles and successes. We will use this as our guide to match you with a Health Coach, personal trainer, yoga, pilates or meditation teacher so that you and your well-being team can work together toward your goals.


Your personal wellness begins with this call and you'll begin sessions with your trainer after this! 


Things happen and we know your schedule will change. That’s OK! When at all possible, please give us 24-hour’s notice to cancel or change your appointment and we’ll reschedule for another day or time. Appointments not canceled with 24-hours or more notice will be deducted from your account. In fairness to your colleagues and to our team, two missed or late-canceled appointments will result in a pause on your private training account. We can pick up sessions again next month when your schedule is a little more flexible.

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