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Swap This for That!

We all love BBQ’s and fun parties full of summer treats, but too many of these can be detrimental to our goals and potentially set us back. Have no fear, we’re here to give you some healthy alternatives and better yet, they’re delicious!! These swaps will give you a healthier alternative to your summer favorites so you can have fun and stick to your goals without feeling deprived.

Instead of: Mayo in pasta or potato salad

Try this: Hummus, Avocado, or Greek Yogurt

How to: Mix your favorite hummus in your pasta salad (we like chickpea pasta or another whole grain pasta)! For avocado, blend an avocado with a few tablespoons of Green Yogurt and season with lemon and a dollop of dijon mustard for a delicious dressing packed with healthy fats and protein!

Instead of: Juice as a mixer

Try this: Seltzer and citrus

How to: Juice can be a great mixer for your summer cocktails but it can be packed with sugar making your cocktail full of calories and sugars. Instead, cut up some citrus such as lemon, lime or orange and pair it with some seltzer and white wine or clear alcohol for a refreshing and low-calorie cocktail. Skip the booze altogether and try Seltzer and citrus for a refreshing drink!

Instead of : Ice Cream

Try this: “Nice”cream

How to: Okay okay you're thinking there's no way this could taste good. Trust us it's delicious!! We've included a few recipes so you can give it a try! This fruit-based "ice cream" has all the flavor without the extra sugar and calories that normal ice cream can give. Of course, indulge in the regular ice cream as well - but this is a nice alternative when you want a healthier swap!

Instead of: Burger Buns

Try this: Collard Greens, Swiss Chard, Boston Bib

How to: Okay we're not saying go "low carb" but if you're looking to have your carbohydrates elsewhere such as that potato and/or pasta salad, you can use big thick greens such as collards, swiss chard and Boston bib for your burger! And bonus, you get your greens!

Instead of: Brownies and Cakes

Try this: Grilled stone fruit (think peaches and plums!)

How to: For a sweet alternative to these high-calorie and sugary treats you can try grilled fruit! It's delicious and the grilling enhances the fruits' sweetness. Our favorites? Peaches, plums and pineapple! They're also refreshing!!

Instead of: Chips

How to: We've included two recipes for you to try! These are great alternatives to your crunchy salty cravings of chips! They pair well with guacamole or hummus or even on their own!

Author: Melissa Dupuis

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