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3 Morning Rituals to Feel More Balance

Balance is something we all strive for, and it’s different for every individual. What works for some, may not work for others, but it’s important to keep an open mind and try different things to see what works for you!

Something I’ve been doing every morning that has worked for me are three simple things. I invite you to try them, see if it works for you! These are in no particular order but just so happens to be my order. I do all of this in the morning to start my day. Now some of you may be saying, I don’t have time. Trust me I said the same thing too! I have a toddler and our mornings can be a bit hectic. So I dedicate a half hour – that’s it. Sometimes it’s even less depending on when she wakes up. I wake up a little earlier to dedicate this “me time” and it really makes all the difference. I don’t always get to do this – some mornings can be unpredictable, but when I am able to get this brief “me time” before the rest of my family wakes up – my day is a whole lot more balanced because I carved out time for me.

Here’s what I do.


Before getting out of bed I do some breathwork. Literally for one minute. I just lay there and breathe. It helps me center myself. While I’m breathing, I think about what I am most looking forward to in my day which helps me start my day positively.


Still in bed, I stretch. I have a few stretches that I do every morning that helps me feel good. They’re light stretches that are active as I’ve been sedentary for 8-9 hours so I don’t want to do anything too strenuous. I do leg lifts to stretch my hamstrings, windshield wipers to stretch my hips, and torso rotations to move my spine. Then I get out of bed. This all takes a minute or two.


After I get out of bed I immediately open my shades. I want the first thing I see to be sunlight instead of the bathroom light. It helps get me in the right headspace.


Now if I still have time (meaning my daughter isn’t awake) I read. I am always reading two books, one for pleasure and one for learning. I usually pick the learning book in the morning, and the pleasure book in the evening when my brain is tired. I sit and read for a few minutes sometimes longer with my coffee. This gives me a bit of time to breathe before starting my day.

Think about a few things you can do in the morning to center yourself. If I can do all of these things – it takes about a half hour, maybe less. Think about what would work for you and try a few different approaches. When you make time for yourself, even for a few minutes, you feel centered, balanced, and happier.

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