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Movement, Myths & Motherhood

As someone who has spent the last 2 decades as a fitness professional (YIKES!!!) and owner of my own concierge fitness business (hello if I had to ‘elevator pitch’ my own personal fitness priority and my wish for my clients it would be: Move Pain Free, Move Properly, Move as we were are ALL Designed to Move.  


So Movement is at the heart of what I want for myself, what I want for my clients and frankly what I would want for anybody.  Movement can be something as simple as getting up off of a couch without gritting your teeth or something as complex as completing a textbook Turkish Get Up.  I believe we all should be able to move through everyday life and I believe that even the most challenging workouts should push you to your limits but without compromising how you move through those challenges.


If a woman lifts heavy weights she’s going to get big muscles like a bodybuilder.  If you want to lose weight or get “cut” you have to do a ton of cardio.  The only way to eat healthy is to go on a diet.  Myth, myth and damn myth!!!  

I hear things like this all the time and it drives me crazy.  What’s worse is that resources that are supposed to be subject matter experts perpetuate these myths.  No more.  Let’s put an end to these and more!


This is my newest (Scariest?!! Most exciting and amazing!!) experience.  I am now the proud, proud mom of a beautiful baby boy – Jack.  He joined us at the end of January (2018), came out the size of a toddler and filled my heart to the point of busting.  This journey has taught me so much already, made me realize that all I learned is a fraction of a fraction of what is to come and made me realize I want to ask questions to a community and share this experience with others. (As I write this Jack is 17 days old so my 'journey' has been short but I've learned so much already!) 

So Movement, Myths and Motherhood will be part of the new content that fills this space.  You'll see my posts on social media and I hope you join in the conversation and check in to see what’s happening as I muse, hopefully educate and share on these three topics.  I plan on posting as often as I can – please keep me honest on this and PLEASE send me questions and requests for posts as we get going.  

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