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Multi-task the right way

Have you ever found yourself saying “I wish there were more hours in the day!”? Yep, us too! Let’s face it, we don’t always have time for self-care. Life is busy, things happen unexpectedly, or we just plain forget. Whatever the reason, self-care can sometimes go on the back burner. The problem with this is we’re functioning on empty. Our cup is empty, our tank is empty, we feel tired, unmotivated, and maybe even frustrated. How do we fit it in? Remember, you can’t run on an empty tank of gas. It’s important to fill it up the best you can. Here’s how …

Multitasking. Now, multitasking isn’t always a positive thing because you’re not exactly giving the task 100% of your attention because you’re trying to do too many things at once. With that said, small activities can be done while multitasking that can benefit your well-being. We have a few ideas that we want to share with you so the next time you’re feeling like you don’t have time, perhaps you do!

Fitness multitasking ideas:

Netflix and stretch! While watching TV, stretch, foam roll, do some mobility exercises. Sometimes the TV can distract you while you’re stretching so you can hold the stretches longer!

Squat and stir! While you’re waiting for the coffee to brew or the pot of water to boil, do some calisthenics like pushups, squats, or hold a plank.

Do a little bit at a time. Spread out your workouts into 10-minute intervals throughout your day if you don’t have a full half hour to dedicate. It’s better than nothing!

A dog that needs exercise? Baby that won’t nap? It’s stroller time! Go on a stroller walk/run with the baby or take the dog for a walk/run instead of tossing the ball. You both get exercise!

Walk and talk. Have a meeting or a phone call and walk at the same time!

Nutrition multitasking ideas:

For those of you that WFH, if you’re on a call and don’t need to show face you can listen in and prep a meal for the evening. Chop some veggies, boil some water, and put something in the oven to prep for later.

During your commute, instead of skipping breakfast make a smoothie the night before so you can enjoy a nutritious breakfast on the go.

While you make dinner prep your meals for the next day. You’re already in cooking mode so make the most of it! You’ll thank yourself in the morning!

Wellbeing multitasking ideas:

During your commute, focus on your breath, and try some box breathing exercises to calm you while you’re stuck in traffic!

Dry brush your body while you’re waiting for the water to heat up for your shower

Oil pull while you make dinner or during your shower

Give some of these a try and see what works for you! You may find that you do have time for your health after all- and these ideas may help you feel a bit more balanced!

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