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Get the Gift of Balance this Holiday!

Our tips on managing Holiday stress, getting balanced, and enjoying the season!

The Holidays are in full swing and between the parties, traveling, shopping, and life it’s hard to find time for ourselves and sometimes our routine gets thrown to the sidelines because of it. Does anyone else feel unbalanced??? But here’s the thing, what if we accepted it? What if we accepted the chaos instead of fighting it? Yes, the Holiday season is super fun, but it can also be stressful (good and bad stress!). If we accept that this time of year can add more “things” to our plate which can throw us off our game, perhaps we can take a breather and find that we can fit in that workout or do that meditation.

Here’s what we do to maintain our balance during the Holidays!

Tip #1 - Keep Those Workouts!

Working out is a known stress reducer – so why push that aside when we’re stressed? It’s usually the first thing to go. We feel like we don’t have time. Well, maybe you don’t have time for the hour-long workout you usually do, but do you have ten minutes? It’s better than nothing! You may find you have more time than you think if you prioritize your workout and just make it happen. We don’t skip our workouts. It’s our biggest source of stress relief and we make sure that we get it in – even if it’s ten minutes! Oh, and have you seen our YouTube channel “Vos Video? Check out our ten-minute workouts for some inspiration! The hardest part is getting started!

Tip #2 - Accept the chaos

Accepting that the Holiday Season may be a bit stressful is half the battle. Instead of fighting the stress, accept it as it is and roll with it. We suggest writing out your calendar so you have a big picture of when your busy times are so you can see when you’ll have some space, and when things may get a little stressful. During busy times, plan ahead with meal prepping, extra sleep, more water, healthy meals, and quick and simple workouts!

Tip #3 - Pick and Choose Your Indulgences

Holiday parties are super fun, but they can add up … and we don’t mean just food! Late nights, early mornings, too much to drink, not enough water, and foods you normally don’t eat can be a recipe for disaster for your immune system and your gut if it becomes routine. Instead, pick and choose the indulgences and plan ahead. If you’re going to indulge at a party, eat super healthy the rest of the day (don’t skip meals!!), get a good workout in, and drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. And the next day, go back to your regular activity. And when you do indulge – HAVE FUN!

Tip #4 - Own Your No

As fun as parties are, they can be overwhelming and sometimes we feel obligated to attend them all. Remind yourself it is okay to say no – that is self-care. Pick and choose when it’s appropriate to say no and own it – no guilt!! And if you do feel as though you must attend that party you really don’t want to go to, give yourself a time limit and stick to it.

Tip #5 - Do It NOW

At this time of year (Thanksgiving to New Year’s) it tends to be extra eating, drinking, enjoyment and indulging and people tend to say, “I’ll start or pick back up in the new year.” Get a jump start on your new year right now or don’t let things get completely off the rails. Start the routine now. If you can – REALLY get after it NOW. Tighten up your nutrition, do more or harder workouts or have a more focused plan. That way, when the party or gatherings come along, you can really enjoy it. And enjoy it for what it is – a single celebration. Enjoy! Eat, drink have fun with no regrets and no hesitation. And then get right back to your amped-up healthy routine the next day and keep it going until the next party!

Tip #6 - Remember It's Your Holiday Too

Whatever Holiday you celebrate, remind yourself of your values and what these Holidays mean to you. Ensure that you get to celebrate how you want to amongst the hustle and bustle. Making sure you fit in that time to celebrate your own way will help you feel a bit more balanced.

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