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Vos Tips: Small Steps = BIG Changes

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

First things first, remember all the way back to week 1 when you said you were making a regular fitness routine an a habit?  Well, it’s time to check in! We've got 3 weeks behind us, do you feel like you can continue? I know you can. Maybe you can even increase your movement?  I bet on that too! Try that for another 3 weeks.

Nutrition – We could do 100 nutrition/food related tips every day for year and still not scratch the surface.  So why not just leave it at 2! Joking aside, the following 2 strategies are relatable and impactful.

Tip #1

Dining out – What do I eat?  Does ‘healthy’ mean only plain salads for the rest of my life?  Or worse, am I just done dining out?!?? Of course not! For a lot of people dining out is a frequent fact of life. Maybe you don’t have time to cook, you travel quite a bit for work or maybe you’re out several times a week with clients or friends.  Here’s some real-world advice:

  • Whenever possible stick with the basics.  Just about all restaurants will be happy to make you a meal made to order or ‘off menu.’  Better yet, some menus – especially a typical steakhouse style place – will offer ala carte options.  Stick to a basic protein – beef, chicken or seafood, sautéed or steamed vegetables and a simply prepared carbohydrate or starch.

  • Try to avoid options covered in cheese or a heavy cream sauce (obvi!)

  • A baked potato is a great option for a side.  Often, the potatoes they bring you are the size of a shoe so don’t feel like you need to eat the whole thing.  If you order whipped or mashed, they will be loaded with butter, salt and cream. Delicious – yes!! – but maybe eat half the order.  Beware the rice pilaf. Again, loaded with butter and oil so eat half or order a plain steamed rice if it’s offered instead.

  • Stick to one drink.  Order something neat or on the rocks, sip slowly and enjoy.  Or order a nice glass of wine and enjoy it through the entire meal.

  • Skip dessert and if you have coffee opt for a black decaf or herbal tea to cut the feeling of ‘needing’ something sweet. And if there's a delicious dessert at the table... have one bite and enjoy the heck out of it.

Tip # 2

Food prep:  If you are dining out or getting take out because you don’t have the time to cook, then this tip is for you.  

  • Try prepping meals and snacks one time for the entire week.  

  • Take an hour on Sunday to prepare some meals and snacks for the week. Put together your lunch in lock-tight containers that stack neatly in your fridge.  For example, hard boil a dozen eggs and pack them in Ziplock bags or scramble a dozen and divvy those up into containers. Do the same with veggies like baby carrots. And don’t forget how well fruit travels with no prep all – bananas, apples, pears or clementine’s for example. Make a meal with at least 3 extra servings so you have it ready for a night you don’t feel like cooking.  Or - pack up the leftovers for lunch!

We're here to help! Please ask any of the VOS Fitness Staff or shoot us an email at

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