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Updated: Feb 4

You’ve heard a lot about me in the past few years - as you can tell I’m an open book. Ask me anything. Here’s a few things that I’m currently focusing on! 

Being HERE

I’ve spent a good portion of the past 4 years being in constant fight or flight. Being pregnant during Covid, having a newborn during Covid, then battling cancer and its aftermath. So it makes sense that my body and nervous system need a break! Now that I am healthy - I really want to focus on being more present. Taking more time to just be and rest. Focus on quality not quantity. A lot of times I’m thinking of “what's next” or “what else do I have to do” but now I’m focusing on “how can I nourish myself in these 5 minutes of me time”. I decided to create a small space in my home specifically just for me. Literally, it’s a corner. But I bought a cozy chair, I have a cozy blanket, I have a plant, a small table with a salt lamp and my book. And it's just for me :) Ask me about it and I’ll show you a picture! This space is my happy place - and this is where I go when I need a breather. 

Fun new recipes

I just moved and I finally have some space in my kitchen! I love eating healthy and trying new recipes that nourish my body, so I’ve been experimenting with different recipes and ingredients to make my food not only tastier but even more nutritious. If you get our newsletter you’ll see some of the recipes I’ve been dabbling into (I never share anything I haven’t cooked myself!). I’ve been having some fun with grain bowls (yes this is fun for me ha!), black bean brownies (my 3-year-old loves them - AND she knows what’s in it!), and adding more fermented foods into my plates such as kimchi and sauerkraut. They’re both super good in a grain bowl btw. 

My challenges:

Drinking water.

Yep I’m embarrassed to say but I have a hard time remembering to drink water - especially when I’m training all day or running around with my toddler. I end up not drinking for hours and then am parched!! How am I tackling this challenge? I chug a glass of water first thing in the morning. It’s by my bed so it’s the first thing I see when I wake up. Anytime my client gets a drink of water, so do I. I have my water bottle near me at all times so when I pass it, I grab a drink. I also calculate how much water I have to drink and how many water bottles is equivalent to that so I ensure I’m drinking enough to stay hydrated. I am also focusing on how I”m feeling. If my skin feels dry (dryer than normal winter dryness of course!) if I’m tired, if my muscles are tight/sore - I know I need more water. The next time you see me tell me to take a drink of water! 

Social wellness.

I’ve spent so much time having to avoid people in the past few years I sort of forgot what it was like to socialize!! I’m a social butterfly and extroverted so I didn’t love having to avoid my people when I was sick. Virtual hangouts just aren’t fun anymore - unless it’s my only option for my far-away friends of course! But like a lot of people, I got used to it - so when I was finally allowed to come out of my bubble - I really didn’t know where to start. So, I have been focusing on nourishing my relationships more. Making plans and sticking to them and being present. Giving myself permission to allow my husband to do bedtime so that I can go out with a friend and not feel guilty! (mom guilt is so real). My people are important to me - and I feel so much more balanced everytime I hangout with someone that fills my soul. I remind myself of that anytime I don’t feel like doing something and I’m always glad I pushed myself! On the flip side of this however, I also ensure that I say no if I'm too tired. Listening to myself is key to any wellness endeavor!


I’m a pretty patient person, however when it comes to putting my new home together - I want my space done NOW! However, moving to a bigger home this is just not possible. Walls need to be painted, furniture needs to be purchased, things need to be organized, spaces need to be imagined. And this time around - I’m taking my time. And although it’s challenging - I’m proud of myself for allowing patience so we can make our place a home. I take a few breaths when I see things out of place or pictures not hung up and it actually feels good. Ask me what house project I’m doing this week! 

Patience is also another struggle with my mental health. It is taking me longer than I thought to recover from the aftermath of cancer. I still have days where I'm terrified it will come back and they come out of nowhere. Perhaps this will always be there, and it's something that I need to accept. Acceptance is part of the healing process. I am working on giving myself patience as I continue to heal from all that trauma, mentally and physically. My body can't do what it used to do before my surgery, and this is something that I am coming to terms with. The fact I was still able to perform in the Nutcracker this year was a HUGE comeback for me in so many ways, and I worked with my body not against it as I trained. I am accepting the body that I have now, and working with it to regain my strength and confidence.

Follow me on Instagram to check out my latest recipes in my kitchen, some of my workouts and all the other fun things I'm up to! And you’ll probably see a few cute pics of my daughter and family too :)

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