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What Motivates Us?

Confession… even wellness professionals like us have setbacks. There are days we don’t feel like working out, eating healthy, or taking care of our mental health. We don’t jump out of bed every day saying: “YAHOO LET’S BE HEALTHY!” … okay well maybe some days we do! The point is we’re human and even though we love all things healthy – we still have setbacks. There are still days when we just don't want to work out. But here’s the thing, although we have these feelings and setbacks – we don’t let them take over. We get right back on the wagon no matter how hard it is. So, what helps us get back on the wagon when we are feeling unmotivated? Read on to see what motivates us to keep going when things get tough!


I have a picture of my family above my Pelaton bike. Most of my workout equipment is near my bike so whether I’m biking, doing Pilates, dancing or strength training – I see that picture. That picture motivates me to take care of myself for the beautiful family that we’ve built. I want to be around for a long time – and I know that to do that I need to stay healthy and take care of myself so I can take care of my family.

That picture is my why.

I remind myself how I feel AFTER my workout. I always have more energy, I’m so glad that I did it, and my mood is 10x better.

I refocus: my body has changed post-cancer. I have to rebuild my strength and some of the things I used to do just don’t feel good anymore. Instead of focusing on what I can’t do – I focus on what I CAN do and I maximize on that!

I get back to the basics. When I’m feeling unmotivated to cook or work out I get back to the basics and keep it simple which helps me not feel overwhelmed. I remember the healthy recipes I know how to make that are easy. I remember the workouts that I know feel good and I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I do one simple thing a day to take care of myself. The basics help me over the hump!


I use the 3, 2, 1…go method! I know how I feel when my body is simply sluggish and needs to move vs when I need a rest day. And on those sluggish days, I generally give myself some leeway and say, just move for 15 (or 20 minutes) and if you don’t feel better 15 mins in, then you can be done. I usually feel better and if I have the time, I will generally extend the workout. The hardest part is getting started.


I need to be training for something. When I’m just working out for the sake of working out, I struggle. But when I have something specific that I’m training for it focuses my workouts. I have a long-term plan with landmarks along the way. I plan weeks in blocks between the landmarks. I plan out each week when I’m setting my work schedule for the week. Each day has a focus and each workout in a day (I usually do multiple workouts per day) has a purpose. That keeps me going. That allows me to make the most out of every workout. Time is my biggest challenge. Time is limited for me, so every minute that’s focused on a workout I try to make the most of it. Having a set plan allows me to set fitness priorities and key certain workouts. If time becomes even more crunched than normal and I have to cut certain things out, then I’m cutting things off the bottom of the priority list making time for the things at the top.

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