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4 Minutes Abs!!

Want to build muscle, lose fat, improve cardiovascular health and performance as well as feeling and looking younger? How about if I told you that 1 workout can do all of those and more … oh yeah, and the workout takes just 4 minutes!

Sounds like a fairy tale or the ultimate gimmick? OK – admittedly it does a little but it’s not make-believe. Its real and it’s called Tabata.

A Tabata workout is a series of short, very intense intervals followed by a shorter recovery period repeated for a set duration. This particular protocol of high intensity training is 20 seconds of maximal effort of a chosen exercise, followed by 10 seconds of recovery repeated 8 times. That’s 4 total minutes. (Please check out this link for a more detailed explanation and some fun facts and benefits -

VOS Fitness and CBRE are delivering an 8-Week Tabata challenge.

The VOS Team will be hosting an interactive LIVE session on Instagram on Friday January 17th at 1:30pm. We will cover Tabata training and this specific program in more detail. We'll show you how to get started and how to incorporate this style of training for everyone - from someone who’s new to working out to the most seasoned workout warriors. We will also demonstrate and suggest a number of the exercises you can use. Many of which you won’t need any equipment at all and can perform in the fitness center, at a gym, in your home or even in a hotel room if you’re on the road.

The challenge will run for 8 weeks:

Week 1-3 – perform 3 Tabata workouts per week

Week 4-6 – perform 4 Tabata workouts per week

Week 7-8 – perform 5 Tabata workouts per week

*The LIVE web session will be a part of a monthly series for January, February and March with VOS Fitness brought to you by CBRE. Each session will be a chance for a general fitness and health Q&A. The session on January 17th will not just cover the 8 Week Tabata Challenge but will also be a chance to ask the VOS Team any questions you have about nutrition, fitness, workouts and general well-being.

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