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Get Outside and Workout With Us!

The world is your gym when it comes to working out. You don't need fancy equipment to get a good workout in (although it's nice when you do!). We LOVE exercising outdoors as it not only gives us the opportunity to enjoy being outside but it also boosts those happy hormones that both being outside and exercising give you! Win win!!

Here's a great workout you can do outside! All you need is a flat surface like a park bench or a picnic table. Enjoy!

The workout: repeat 3-5x

Step-Ups (10 per side)

Pushups (10)

Mountain climbers (work up to 1 min)

Should Taps (20x)

Split Squat (10 per side)

Tricep Dips (10)

Here's a great video so you can work out with us!

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