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Vos Tips: Small Steps = BIG Changes

Tip #1

Get Up, Stand Up

Do you spend any time behind the wheel, sitting at a desk or hunched over your phone or a keyboard?  Throw in time on the couch watching TV at night and some people spend as much as 10-16 hours per day sitting down.  It doesn’t take long for this to take its toll. The seated position is a “shortened” position meaning when you sit your joints are bent and muscles contracted.  It takes as little as 20 minutes, stationary in one position, for your muscles to get “stuck” or they want to stay in this shorter spot as its new resting length.  Meaning when you do stretch them back out or ask them to move your muscles feel tight. Tight muscles lead to tight joints and it just spirals from there. Eventually, spending so much time in this tightened state can lead to aches and pains in your joints and muscles, muscle pulls, tendon and cartilage damage and unfortunately joints that get ground to dust.  (Hip, back, shoulder, ankle or knee pain anyone??)

How to make it happen

After 20 minutes of sitting, simply take a break.  Stretch your arms out to the side or straight up. Make circles with your wrists, spread out your fingers, stretch your hands and wrists on your desk, move your head in all directions and carefully try to arch your back over your chair to open up your shoulders and chest.  Even better – stand up and do those stretches. Make sure to stand up as straight and tall as you can. Also, move your waist and hips around by making small circles and back and forth. Best yet, take a walk.

Bonus Material

-Don’t forget to breathe.  Whether you’re staying in your chair or getting up, take a few seconds for 5 deep      

breaths.  Breathe in deep for 3 seconds and then blow out in a steady rhythm for 3 seconds.  Repeat 4 more times.

-Use the break as a chance to fill up your water bottle.

-Instead of picking up the phone or sending an email to a co-worker take a walk over to them.  (Clearer and more efficient communication usually happens face-to-face)

-Deep breathing and movement boost your energy, wakes you up and generates creativity and thought clarity.  Stepping into a presentation or hit a lull during a meeting? Take five minutes for a brisk walk to get the blood flowing and take 5-7 good, deep breaths.

Any Questions: Please ask any of the VOS Fitness Staff or shoot us an email at

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