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What I'm Into - Nicole

Audio books

My mode of transportation around the city is walking, I walk about 40 miles a week. I’ve recently been into listening to books while I walk. I listen to at least 2 books a week which is a joy, but was getting expensive. So I found the free Libby app. It’s connected to your local library and all you need to do is sign up for a library card. You have 14 days to listen or read the books. It was a game changer for me. If I’m really into a book I will even putter around the house listening to it. Great way to get less screen time. Check out the Libby app here! Ask me what book I'm listening to the next time you see me!

Clean skin care

I’m obsessed with skincare. This year I’m trying to be conscious about trying to use clean products. There are so many new clean brands out there, so I've been slowly transitioning some of my product's. My current favorite brands are:

Ask me more about my skincare routine the next time you see me!


I grew up hiking with my family. Living in western Mass it’s easy to walk out the door and find a trail through the woods. It’s not as easy finding hiking in Boston. I made it a goal to hike at least 3 of the NH 4000 foot hikes every fall/spring. I’m going into my 3rd year doing this and I’m addicted. There is something about getting to the top of the mountain and feeling so accomplished. And then realize you still have to go back down hahaha!! Check out the mountains I'm hiking here!

Lifting weights

I have never been someone who has been into lifting, I teach Pilates.  But recently Laura and I have been trying to work out together once a week when we can ( it doesn’t always happen) when our schedules align. It’s a fun way to change up my routine, catch up with Laura, and learn exercises I don’t know. I have seen a change in my body from adding this in. I feel stronger, I’ve gained muscle, and am leaner. But the best thing is it takes me out of my comfort zone and challenges me both mentally and physically. Ask us what we did for a workout this week!

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