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Is Yoga Spiritual?

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

The answer to that question is YES… & NO…

Some days yoga is about getting on your mat. Using your body to work stuff out.  Similar to lifting heavy weights or pounding the pavement on a long run. The above activities give you a physical release. People often equate that to a spiritual experience.  Not all people, but a few.  

Some days yoga is simply about the breath. One might think, “there is nothing spiritual about breathing”...or is there?  When we breathe we take air in then simply release it.  This  happens in unconsciously.  Stagnant air becomes a cleansing life force, all without us realizing what is occurring. Open the body on the inhale, contract the body on the exhale.  

The spirituality piece becomes your choice.  Whether it is through yoga, strength/cross training, walking, or just breathing. You get to make the  choice to do these things mindfully and with intention.  Trusting your intuition. Allowing your body to absorb every single sensation, thus awakening the life force or prana that lives within all of us.  

My challenge to you, spiritual or not, move with intention. Breath like you mean it. Feel each and every sensation as you move about the day and then decide if there is a spiritual nature to it. If these words bring you pause or ignite some questions then join me on the mat either Monday morning’s  or Thursday evening’s. Feedback on class time and content is always appreciated. If all of this is new to you and you would prefer to start with private instruction let either Laura or I know.  

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